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One step closer to the diamond

This year marks an important anniversary for Swarovski—it’s 150 years since the birth of founding father Daniel Swarovski, the man with the ambitious plan to create a ‘diamond’ for every woman. And the best way to celebrate and honor his legacy? With a never-before-seen, absolutely new crystal. So fanfare, please, for XIRIUS 1088, Swarovski’s most brilliant crystal element yet!
Years of research and state-of-the-art engineering, unparalleled luminosity and refinement, variety and responsibility, all come together in this beautiful new SWAROVSKI ELEMENT—one that has set an entirely new benchmark for the industry.

Named after Sirius, the brightest star in the firmament, XIRIUS 1088’s intricate gemstone-like cut, radiant, rich color and enhanced foiling have combined to produce an exceptionally durable new generation of crystal, taking it one step closer to the diamond with its multi-layered, flawless facets.

The key to its unprecedented sparkle? A complex, stacked effect of interlocked triangles, masterfully cut using high-precision geometric and optical measurement. In addition, it has been made according to the ADVANCED CRYSTAL standard, which is the new DNA of crystal.

XIRIUS 1088 also enjoys a significantly increased lifespan. Created using Platinum Pro, a technically advanced foiling technique, it is capable of withstanding damage from everyday environmental influences, including chlorine, salt water, and perfume. Moreover, Platinum Pro is just as resistant to processing methods such as soldering and electroplating—great news for designers, who can now choose between a greater number of creative application options. In essence, Platinum Pro guarantees greater longevity for SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS all round, ensuring that its super-dazzling sparkle remains undimmed.

Already available in 88 colors and effects of extraordinary depth and richness, Swarovski’s trend experts will stay ahead of the curve by adding new shades and effects to the XIRIUS 1088 range twice a year.

All in all, the future is looking very bright for this stunning new addition to the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS stable.



Nieuwe Innovations Spring/Summer

Rose Peach


Soft peach to rose colour that evokes the feeling of cherry blossoms in the spring following by the English rose in the height of the summer. Elegant, subtle and romantic.

Perfect for use with opal colours such as White Opal (234) and Black Diamond (215).

Perfectly expresses the upcoming trend of toned-down luxury. It promises to become a new design favorite since all shades of red are among the best-selling colors on the market.

Luminous Green


A shimmering green to violet that transforms in the play of the light.

Perfect for use in vintage, contempory and romantic forward thinking.

This colour works especially well with skin tones, grays and blacks, pastels and Crystal Antique Pink (001ANTP).

The double-edged effect of Crystal Luminous Green increases the vibrancy of a design and adds a second dimension to its appearance. It is destined to be a new classic.

A basic tone, but with a unique twist.



What could be more impressive than to combine two colours into one crystal creating some amazing effects.

Burgundy/Blue Zircon Blend (723) - Inspired by glowing tones of a Medditerranean sunset

Fern Green/Topaz Blend (724) - Inspired by mellow woodlands at dusk

Rose Peach


Crystal Rose Peach Pearl is the perfect counterpart of a natural pearl and injects a delicate feeling of summer evenings into your design.

Customers will immediately think of the rare beauty and the preciousness of nature.

A perfect combination with the new Pearl Gemcolours and Luminous Green.

Gem Pearls


These brand new pearls boast a range of seven new colours with a rich opaque quality and finish with what SWAROVSKI call a "geniune gemstone" colour.

Crystal Pearls Gemcolors are the (affordable) counterpart of flawless natural gemstones of the highest quality.

Available Colors:

Crystal Ivory (001 708), Turquoise (001 709), Jade (001 715), Pink Coral (001 716), Lapis (001 717), Red Coral (001 718) & Dark Lapis Pearl (001 719)

Mesh Balls

CRYSTAL MESH BALLS (40512, 40515, 40519) - NEW ARTICLES

The Crystal Mesh Ball is a very versatile new product hat features a perfect combination of a Crystal Pearl covered with sparkling Crystal Mesh.

The broad range of the Crystal Mesh Ball enables multiple options, as for example vintage, romantic, glamorous, oriental, baroque, opulent or modern looks. The Crystal Mesh Ball is supplied threaded or with one jump ring. On special request, it can also be supplied with two jump rings - thus offering a wide array of application possibilities.

With the virtue of its top quality, the variety of colours and application opportunities, and the attractive weight, SWAROVSKI Elements offer another eye-catching and high-level product.


Super mooie ontwerpen - Inspiratie opdoen?

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De nieuwe CREATE YOUR STYLE app voor de iPhone en iPad is een directe connectie voor inspirerende ideeen, schitterende ontwerpen en de laatste crystal innovaties. Creativity is just a swipe away.

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